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Aaron Benjamin
Posted Aug 02 - Read on Facebook

For those who like to work with data, this is a handy tool to bring Dummi data into Framer:


Benjamin Den Boer

Looks useful! Thanks for sharing. 😊

Aaron Benjamin

Of course! We're hoping to break 100 votes today. We're going to make it easier for designers and developers to use real (pretend) data in their projects.

Jonas Treub

Aaron. This is cool! Today I have been looking into ways to add random profile pictures for prototypes. The available solutions all return json which has to be parsed. If we can somehow skip the parsing I am sure this would attract many more users. Hereby a possible solution.

To target a specific user you can use a number: -> returns image

To target a random user: -> returns string

Just an idea. Good luck with the project

Aaron Benjamin

That's how we're going to structure things in the near future. Some tools like Sketch (with Craft) allow you to paste in JSON and it parses it automagically and loads it into mockups. For other tools like Framer, the new structure should help a bit. Also, profile pictures and movie posters are coming later today!

Coty Beasley

I've been using and for years, especially with their template saving features. This looks pretty clean so I'll have to try it out as well.

Aaron Benjamin

We should have avatars and movie posters soon

Marc Krenn

Hey Aaron,

the dropdowns on the left panel are not properly displayed in the latest Chrome Beta.

Aaron Benjamin

Thanks Marc Krennc! We'll look into it.

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