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Mischa Eliseev
Posted Aug 01 - Read on Facebook

Yo, can someone help me transform shape?
So I have something like an arrow. On a click It should become longer and change the background and border color.

What can be done? I have no Idea how to make something besides rectangles in Framer, let alone animating it.


Josh Ackerman

You can take a nice vector approach with SVGs, that would give a lot more flexibility and control. But if you want something basic and fast you could use a transparent PNG, and on state change, switch the images and animate the width.

Jordan Robert Dobson

Lauren Nielsen did this in her work. Maybe she could share the code.

Lauren Nielsen

hey yeah Mikhail Eliseev! You can check out my code here:

Line 70-140 are the pertinent ones. This is a beast of prototype to learn lots of things about Framer.... but at least the code has comments :)

Ivan Uvarov


Jiho Choi


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