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Gregory J. Orton
Posted Jul 30 - Read on Facebook

If any of you thinking about prototyping a video player / including video in your prototypes I found this tutorial which is very useful:

However, there's one problem, at the end of the article it recommends that you can use this piece of code:

videoLayer.player.on "ended", ->
print "video ended"

to listen to events when the video ends. This will NOT work. In the current version of framer, the way to listen to this event that works is:

videoLayer.player.addEventListener "ended", ->
print "video ended"

Anyway, it was a fun tutorial and it's quite cool to be able to use HTML5 video on the phone so easily...


Danny Nathan

Agreed. I've used this as the basis for a bunch of video work.

George Kedenburg III

cc Todd Hamilton

Giovanni Caruso

Very cool. You probably want to replace the scrambler / timeline layers with a Slidercomponent (not available in 2014) as well as replace the small bounce animation with a function ( just not to write the same code block so many times). Great tutorial! <3

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