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Peter Gr
Posted Jul 31 - Read on Facebook

Using the new app has been great. Now that I can save multiple prototypes, I've been using it to compare versions of a single project. Makes me really wish I could save "states" of a single project in Framer, like can be done with the recent Sketch plugin Would be amazing if this could be incorporated at some point!


Peter Gr

Thanks Rory, but I wouldn't know how to do that

Koen Bok

Yeah git can be pretty great for this, and not too hard to understand if you just focus on the parts that you need for this. Maybe someone could make a nice little tutorial on this, but I'm sure if you try to do this you'll get pretty far:

- Download GitHub for Mac
- Create a new repo with your Framer project
- Add everything and commit
- Make some changes, commit again

At this point you can "checkout" each commit and inspect it. You can make as many versions you like. This gets you pretty close, but git has something even better for this: branching. Try to find it in the ui and make a new one. At this point you have multiple copies with a shared history that you can work with.

Good luck.

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