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Dhruv Saxena
Posted Jul 29 - Read on Facebook

I have been programming in open frameworks (c++) and processing (java) for quite some time. However, I am struggling with learning Coffee Script because any tutorial/book on the subject assumes a knowledge JS (which I don't have). Is there a way I can learn Coffee Script without having to learn JS? I just want to be able to learn Coffee Script so that I can understand complex modules in Framer better, and in the future be able to write my own.


Harsha Halvi

Coffee Script and JS are a lot like cousins. CS is easier to read and write when you compare it with JS but you need to know both to use Coffee Script, i think there was a course on Packtpub or even you can just hop through Kyle Simpsons course on frontend masters and follow up with Jay Skeleton's FramerJS course. :) Feel free to ping me in case you run into trouble or need any other other help.

Brian Williams

Considering Coffee script is just transpired into js anyway its probably a good idea. there's not much to it though to be perfectly honest.

Javier Eduardo Treviño this book is very good to learn the basics, which is all u need for Framer, as the code never gets too complex because it's not for development

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