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John Johnson
Posted Jul 28 - Read on Facebook

Very new to Framer, I’ve slowly been surfing here and thru the interwebs in search of a solution to what I believe to be something someone has no doubt already done in Framer, I just haven’t found it yet. I’m not sure of the best way to do this in Framer but my thinking is as follows: using a PageComponent to allow easy left/right swiping from page to page, then define each page as a ScrollComponent for swiping up/down to scroll through content of each page. The issue is that the proto allows for movement in all directions (though I’ve limited the ScrollComponent to vertical only) as the user interacts and I need it to “lock” into horizontal or vertical depending on the intent. I imagine I need something that evaluates within a very short time whether there is more movement in the X direction vs Y (and then lock to horizontal for a page swipe) or more for Y vs X (thus a vertical lock for scroll). Hope that makes sense. Thank you!


Jonas Treub

'directionLock', 'scrollHorizontal', and 'scrollVertical' are the key properties.
Check out the following example:

John Johnson

Thank you, Jonas! I knew you guys would have the answer. :-)

Jordan Robert Dobson

Make sure you put direction lock on both the page component and scroll component.

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