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Elliot Nolten
Posted Jul 28 - Read on Facebook

I've been trying to create an accordion interaction in Framer for a while. But I think I finally made one that I like. So I thought why don't I share this with you guys.
Have fun!


Michael Boswell

Nice work! I'm only viewing the video from my phone, but I feel like some things are off with the animation origins. It differs from list item to list item. The first item appears to scale-Y down, while the remaining scale-Y up.

Also, the first item's animation impacts the remaining list items, while others don't.

I'd suggest having all of them scale from their centers and have all items before and after adjust accordingly. It would feel much more cohesive.

Niels Mulder

Nice one! I'd suggest not having them all impact the Y, only the first and the last item. It will give you a hint that you have reached the bottom.

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