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Neeta Khanuja
Posted Jul 28 - Read on Facebook

Hello people,

Here is our ( me and Sepideh Shahi , Inclusive Design Research Centre, OCAD University ), first prototype of My Lifelong Learning Lab in Framer JS. Some of all the things we loved about Framer were dynamic text input reflected in tooltips and sliding menus, easy animation features and specially the coffee-script, that makes framer one of the best tools for coders and non-coders.

Online resources and code snippets proved a great help in implementing small details we needed.

We are extremely happy to get our prototype as close as the final interface. This prototype will be further used by the developer to understand interactions and for user testing to gather insights for next iterations.

Few things that we found challenging were, the framework got slightly buggy , time to import sketch file increased a lot with the final sketch files that had all components and lack of metadata for the selected component from prototype preview. Though these things were easily manageable, if fixed can make a huge difference in the overall experience of working with framer.

Link to June 10th Prototype:

Link to May 25th prototype:


Christian Poschmann

👏 That's a huge prototype. Great work!

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