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Charlie Sneath
Posted Jul 28 - Read on Facebook

My screen is flashing purple when clicking certain elements in my prototype, almost as if the prototype is acknowledging that it has detected a click event. I haven't seen this happen before; can anyone explain why it's happening, and what I might be doing differently? Thanks!


Jordan Robert Dobson

You are likely using the Beta.

Essentially you want to disable the Hints that framer is adding.

Here's an example showing you how to do that:

Check out the layerB.onClick -> function at the bottom of the file.

Ban Nguyen

I got that too

Ban Nguyen

And also missing preloaded -icon error

Koen Bok

Yep these are a bunch of beta features. More about them soon.

For now, you can disable the hints with `Framer.Extras.Hints.disable()'. Or you can move back to an older Framer, it's inside the framer folder in your project named framer.js.old.

Ban Nguyen

Koen Bok, still get the same error

Ban Nguyen

oh got it

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