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Chris Keith
Posted Jul 28 - Read on Facebook

hey all,
so im not sure if this is a bug or im missing something but i have a scroll component with the horizontal scroll disabled, and it works fine with the click and drag scroll method. However, when i enable mouse scrolling, the "no horizontal scroll" constraint is ignored when i scroll with a mouse. if i click and scroll though it still works as intended.

Am i missing something in my code? or is this just a bug? I've tried setting the parameter in different parts of the code just to see if it was an issue of order but that has made no difference.


Rich Zarick

I've encountered the same thing many times, and have largely come to accept not using mouse scrolling, or really finessing components so that there's no horizontal overflow (where it wouldnt scroll anyway).

We need us some mouse input love from the source!

Chris Keith

Seriously I'm using it to prototype some web stuff right now and it's really harshing my mellow

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