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Terry Tien
Posted Jul 28 - Read on Facebook

Hi guys! It's me again.

I'm trying to make the animation like below and here's how I think about it:
take the darker area in the dripper as an example, I use the mask in the Sketch and try to low down the top of the upper coffee, keeping the bottom y unchanged.
Am I doing right? I cannot make it coz the darker area just keeps scaling instead being shorter. How can it happen?
Thank you in advance.


Terry Tien

I'm now separately scaleX and scaleY with different number. It looks like what I want but the entire layer keeps going lower. Sad...

Sam Thorne

You need to set the origin position so that it scales from the bottom if understand the question.
originY: 1

Oh, I just saw you did.
I'm not sure I understand the question

Nick Hanigan

Hi terry, I'm a noob... but thinking about this, would you approach this with masks instead?

Moving dark layer down in Y direction (behind the mask)?

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