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Keyur Jain
Posted Jul 27 - Read on Facebook

Hello folks! I've been exploring the VRComponent lately. Thanks much to Jonas for providing this amazing module! I have a query regarding layer hierarchies in vr, and I've made a small mock up to explain it:

There's circle as a VR layer and two more 'ordinary' layers as its children (a red and a blue square). The the issue is, when my elevation passes a certain point(center of the circle layer), the sublayer hierarchy switches, and the bottom layer jumps to the top. Any clues why that may happen? is it something related to vr perspective?

** Update : curiously,this issue only seems to be appearing only in the Framer preview, and in Safari.


Keyur Jain

one way I've gotten to solve the issue was to have the other two layers (squares) as VR layers and changing their distances, but I would like to learn if theres a way to solve it by another method. :)

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