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Josh Puckett
Posted Aug 03 - Read on Facebook

I liked Black Ray's spring visualizer, so here's a rebound:

• Custom spring and animator
• Spring curve is visualized as a path
• Curve updates in real time as values change
• You can scrub the curve to inspect any point in time

Code is scrappy, but take a look to see how spring systems/animators work (this one is very simple):


Chris Camargo

Soooo amazing! Thanks for this, Josh!

Ian Silber

This should be built in to Framer.

Peter Gr

Can this generate a string to use? "spring(a, b, c)"

Neema Mahdavi

Melissa Cameron

Jordan Robert Dobson

This is fucking cool... Looking forward to digging into this.

U-Kyung Kim

This is awesome!

Jonhenry Righter

Big pimpin.

Ray Yip


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