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Chris Keith
Posted Jul 27 - Read on Facebook

Hey All,
So i've been messing with the color thief module and i want to take the dominant color that is returned and use it as part of a gradient.

The issue im running into is the format in which the color prints out in isnt something i can store as a string and use when making my gradient.

In the print out, the value is formatted with < > around it. I dont think it's a string or an array so i dont really know how to easily use the value outside of the simple layer.backgroundColor = color implementation. Any help in translating the value to a more usable format would be awesome.

I've included a link to a project i set up to illustrate what im trying to do.


Jordan Robert Dobson

Check out the docs on the color object. You can suss out a few different value types.

Jordan Robert Dobson
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