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Ganesh Murugan
Posted Jul 25 - Read on Facebook

Hello Framers, since i started framer recently feel tough to work with multi screen prototype using sketch layer. I would really appreciate if someone could share some reference project which is more than 4 artboards. I would learn proper way of organizing stuff.
Thanks in Advance,


Trevor Phillippi

My recommendation is not to use artboards, and lay out groups adjacently to one another, with the first group at 0,0

Gregory J. Orton

I found if you use sketch, and put your artboards on the same horizontal plane, then have your first one at 0,0. you can simulate transitions between 'pages' by doing something like this:
(facebook won't let me indent appropriately, but you can imagine)

firstArtboardSubmitButton.on Events.Tap, ->
x: -secondArtBoard.x
time: 0.5
x: 0
time: 0.5

This animates the first artboard left, and the second artboard left into view, approximating a page transition quite well.

Ralph DeMars Gnonlonfoun

Hey Ganesh, hope you feel good... You could use this module of Chris Camargo. .... It will simplify you the process

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