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Ray Yip
Posted Jul 26 - Read on Facebook

I made a Spring Visualizer you might need.


Krijn Rijshouwer

Wow! Really cool Black Ray!

Shashank Khanna

Didier you might like this.

Bence Vitárius

Wow, nice!

Benjamin Den Boer

Wow, beautiful work!

Austin Sarner

Lé Git

Ganesh Murugan


Cameron Burgess

This is really cool, and useful!!

Jeongmin Kim

So good! I saved this URL

Steven Ren


Sean Kelley


Yanming Tao


Steven Ren

In this case I found: slider.on "change:value" there has container.subLayersByName("#{}Value")[0] , my question is what the [0] mean here? I'm new with this, thank you~

Benjamin E Saravia

And The visual is neat as well!

Josh Puckett

Nice work! Next step is to make the spring inspection interactive :)

Malcolm Wölf


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