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John Lee
Posted Jul 25 - Read on Facebook

Fade in out question!
(share.framer demos very welcome – and get browny points! :)
I have two images, imgA and imgB. I want to fade out imgA and see imgB for like 2 seconds, then fade in img A again. This needs to repeat itself until I click a confirm button. There are two issues:
– The Animation is jerky (it fades imgA out slowly but pops it back in like an unwanted snotty clingy to your inner nasal passage).
– Some errors when trying to stop the animation...

Any help most appreciated!


John Lee

I also tried using states, with animation.reverse() but this did not achieve a smooth fade in/out effect with two images.

Marc Krenn

Maybe this works for you (as long as you don't want to resume the animation, that is :P )

John Lee

Marc Krenn – outstanding job! Take heart, every time I visit the Framer JS page, reliable Marc is there to help n00bs like me. If you were running for president, you'd get my vote!
I guess the next question is to get the button to stop and start! But we can save that for a another Framer member :)
Cheers Marc Krenn!

John Lee

Oh, I also love the fat => arrow. It makes sense (since you want to pass attributes to child objects, like a class) right? I feel inspired!

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