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Vlad Tyschuk
Posted Jul 23 - Read on Facebook

Hi everybody.
Is there a way to change the background color of an icon imported from Sketch?
When I'm doing = "red"

It changes only background and not the icon itself. Any ideas?


Agisilaos Tsaraboulidis

I would suggest to create 2 icons. The first with the color and the second without it. And you can switch between these two icons when you need it. Hope that it helps 😁

Vlad Tyschuk

Well... There has to be a better way! :) At least I hope...

Dave Crow

The icon itself will be imported as a PNG, so it won't be possible to change the color. You would need to create multiple layers with all the colors you need, then import the Sketch doc, and set states on those layers.

The other option would be to bring the icon in as an SVG. Then you'll have more control. Check out Josh Pucketts SVG Layer module:

It just depends on how much control you need vs how complex you want to make your code. If you only need 2 colors, I would probably just create a duplicate layer in Sketch. But if the icon could be lots of different colors then SVG might make sense.

Vlad Tyschuk

Thanks Dave! I'm reading it now. All icons are svg. So I'm thinking there has to be a way to change color. I'll post here if I come up with better way.

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