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Brad Ryan
Posted Oct 30 - Read on Facebook

Here’s a look at a fully responsive, end-to-end Framer prototype of Uber. Each component is a separate module, so its easy for our designers to build on top of.

Want to come make cool stuff with us? Email me at [email protected] for an intro.


Anders Tolborg

This is awesome. Can u share the code? I would love to see how you organize it.

Marc Krenn

Sick work, Brad - looks super structured :) (y)

Does it utilize Uber's REST API to create real ride requests and such?

Jordan Obi

my GOD this is cool

German Bauer

Nice work. It's usually rare to build out a full app experience as prototype - How did you guys use it in the design process?

Benjamin Den Boer

Insanely cool. We'd love to add this to our Gallery. Any chance you could share the Framer file? :-)

Øyvind Nordbø

omfg, this is amazing

Das Sunderdas

Super quality stuff...

Jared Palmer

Brad Ryan Really cool. Couple of questions: What is % of UI is imported from sketch? Or, did you build everything natively in Framer? Also, how are you managing global application state? Did you build a little mvc framework?

Jered Danielson

Impressive. I haven't seen something done to this level in FramerJS before. Now I have a different idea of what it might be capable of!

James Hsu

straight thug.

Nguyễn Mak Đăng Thái

Wow <3

Leigh Nelkin


Allan Suaco

Quick question, I want to know if its easy to build a fully responsive website prototype using Framer?

Samuel Yau

loving the Cillian Murphy 'Peaky Blinders' profile pics

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