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Jinn Rong Wang
Posted Aug 25 - Read on Facebook

Hello Framers!
I was at a Vancouver prototyping Meetup demoing Apple TV prototype using game controller, and now I have scripted on Medium. Very excited to share with y'all :)


Niels van Hoorn

Really cool! Would be awesome to hook it up to the Siri remote as well

Jorn van Dijk


Marc Krenn

I too had the great "pleasure" to work on an TV project recently and holy cow, this thing is probably the weakest, most inconsistent and unintuitive POS Apple has released in a decade or two 👏👏👏

Anyway, if anyone finds her- or himself in the same pitiful position, you can use this template file to get started:

It includes:
* a custom, autoscaled TV device when working in Framer IDE
* keyboard & gesture control
* and a basic grid logic

Ed Monterrubio


Jordan Robert Dobson

Here's two examples that Marc Krenn asked about earlier that use keyboard control and BetterTouchTool...

Apple TV Grid:

BetterTouchTool Grid:

Some instructions for BetterTouchTool with SiriRemote are in the comments in the second link.

Struan Fraser

Great article! Reassuring to discover I'm not the only one prototyping for TV.

In case anyone's looking to simulate launching video, I found this collection of HLS streams a while ago,

Just set one of these in your "video:" tag and it should work perfectly (as long as you're using safari). :)

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