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Simarjeet Singh
Posted Jul 23 - Read on Facebook

Hi As I import a sketch version 39 file into framer 1.14.14, getting this error repeatedly:


Simarjeet Singh

Another error in the same series:

Simarjeet Singh

latest error

Koen Bok

Sorry man :-( Unicode errors are tough, and mostly related to special characters like üîé∫ß etc. Could it be your document name or a layer has any of those? In any case, I'd love to inspect your document and see what's going on. Send it to me at [email protected].

Simarjeet Singh

Actually to test out, I just created a new sketch file with 3 circles in it, no other layers, but the error has persisted.

Sam Thorne

Looks like it could be something in the path to your documents.
If you open terminal, type 'cd' and drag the folder that contains your docs into the window, then type 'pwd' and paste the result here?

Simarjeet Singh

Thanks, will try

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