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Mohsin Amjed
Posted Jul 22 - Read on Facebook

What is the best way to organize your design layers in a Framer project to make a ui repo to reuse for rapid prototyping? Anyone have a good sample file for their workflow?

Context - I use Illustrator to design so I don't really import designs, I build them out as layers in Framer.


Niels van Hoorn

Do you mean for your assets exported from Illustrator? Or just pieces code you frequently use?

Mohsin Amjed

Code frequently used that could include assets exported.

Niels van Hoorn

You could try putting the frequently used code in separate files and load them as modules in your projects, but then you still would have to copy over the assets to the images folder as well.
I think I would create a separate folder with the shared images and reference those from a modules that you import.

kind of like this:

You can now copy over the modules and shared_images folder into a new project (don't worry about overwriting the modules folder, it just contains an example) and use it in the project

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