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Jonas Treub
Posted Aug 23 - Read on Facebook

Introducing Framer for iOS, a distraction-free way to preview your prototypes in real-time. Native level interactions, offline use and secure sharing links. Get it on the App Store and round out your design toolkit today!
Download it here:
Read about it here:


Sergio Reynoso

How do I logout of the app and login with a different account?

Jorge Borges

Absolutely needed for Android. Any work around for offline access through Android?

George Kedenburg III

Michael Lee

Wow! Amazing

Jonas Treub

Huge round of internet applause for Jay and Rafael for inspiring us to launch this app. Next time you are in Amsterdam beer is on us!

Daniel Lin


Brent Riddell

Congrats on the app! Now you've built your own native app will we be able to eventually access hardware like the camera more easily? :)

Sergey Voronov

any plans for same android app?)

Trevor Phillippi

Amazing work all, thanks for making this! One question, when you say "native level interactions" what do you mean? Like, this is a native app, or it's actually able to get the hardware benefits of native rendering/interactions?

Sigurd Tapio Mannsåker

Holy crap, didn't even know this was in the works. Nice!

Juan J. Ramirez

Any plans for built-in access to the camera API / getting the camera as a layer?

Peter Gr

Cool. Can this connect over wifi without using my phone as a hotspot?

Chris Arrowood

Super dope! Did you guys nail support for framer.devicescale? Critical issue that kept Frameless from working for me.

Sergey Voronov

guys mirroring is not so useful right now, cause u don't show the prototype name anymore (

Peter Kubin

great app!... many thanks for that!

i just wondered if there is a file size limit for downloading prototypes locally.

i am working on a rather large ipad pro project which is 144 mb including 80mb of video files and strangely enough the right hand download button at the bottom bar is being greyed out and inactive.

is this the case and would there be a workaround, since i desperately need this prototype to work offline for obvious reasons... ;¬}

i know there are other offline caching browser tools, but none of the seems to perform as well as the framer app and will add a white line at the screen bottom on an ipad pro... at least the 3 that i tested.

therefore a solution or workaround would be most welcomed.

Sander Värv

Looking forward to you guys releasing a Framer prototype of Framer for iOS :)

David Phillips

Why $9.99? If I want to get stakeholders and team members involved and viewing prototypes, that's a huge hurdle. Don't get me wrong, I think you guys deserve to get paid for the effort required to make the app, but it really puts a barrier in the way of simply sharing. I would think if you were trying to get more people to adopt Framer as a tool in such a competitive space, free would have been a better way to go.

Again, I'd pay $9.99 in a heartbeat, and will. But if I want to share a proto to five members on a client's team... it's an awkward and unnecessary ask.

Matej Hrescak

Awesome work guys!

Koen Bok

Re: pricing. Ultimately there is no point in really arguing over price because everyone is right. What is cheap to one person is very expensive to another. (If the latter is you, send us an email at [email protected] and we'll figure something out). But just to give you an idea of how we look at pricing, here are two simple principles we try to apply as a startup.

Some software out there is just too cheap in our opinion. Too cheap compared to the value it delivers, but also too cheap to build a business on. And when you find that out as a company, it's often too late and everyone loses. I certainly know a few this happened to. The second one is that we think you should always charge for good work. Not just as a software maker, but also as a designer, plumber, boat builder, whatever.

These things unfortunately sometimes clash with other goals, so we're pretty sensitive to the case where you don't want to have to tell clients to spend $10. But we feel there are some other decent free sharing options too. Plus it is good feedback and something we can maybe solve some other way in the future.

Nicolas Elizaga

Super excited for this! A couple of things I noticed:

* Someone else noted this, but on certain wifi setups it won't successfully pair with the desktop Framer counterpart. USB or some alternate method to force a connection between studio and the mobile app would be dope. FWIW Airdrop and Handoff seem to work on via wifi for us.

* A way to manually enter a URL in the Links section or some sort of feedback would be great – it's not super intuitive when your link isn't correctly formatted. For example, at one point I had a link that didn't begin with http:// and therefore it didn't recognize it or allow me to open the copied link (it took some trial and error to realize that it was the missing http:// that was the issue).

Chad Smith

Hey FramerJS community! I can't get Frameless and Mirror to work for the life of me! Here's the error I keep getting when I enter the Access Code into my device. Has anyone else gotten stuck here? Appreciate the help!

Jonas Treub

This is a known bug. For now we recommend using Frames as a free alternative

Patrick Keenan

Is there a way to download a prototype offline from a link? I work on a secured network, so I will never be able to use the projects tab (though it looks great). Is there a workaround?

Till Hinrichs

Hey there, great work with the Framer App. One question though, when tapping the screen i sometimes get purple borders around my objects. Can i disable this somehow?

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