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Lachezar Petkov Petkov
Posted Jul 22 - Read on Facebook

Hi all! Quick question - I'm currently trying to create a tabbed interface, and I would like to have each tab page content in a separate module, just for comfort. My failed approach is to export a layer and add sublayers to it, but it doesn't work.

exports.ScreenBrowse = new Layer
width: Screen.width

test = new Layer
backgroundColor: "red"
y: 800
superLayer: ScreenBrowse

I get ScreenBrowse is undefined. Any suggestions on how to approach this problem? Thanks!


Niels van Hoorn

The problem is in your last line, superLayer: ScreenBrowse.
What are you trying to achieve there?

Lachezar Petkov Petkov

I would like ScreenBrowse to be the superlayer of all other layers in the module - so when I import ScreenBrowse in the main, it would act as a wrapper. Not sure if this is the right way to think about it

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