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Andi Galpern
Posted Jul 21 - Read on Facebook

Anyone in San Francisco interested in giving a 15-20 minute demo on Framer next week at our prototyping series? It would be either on July 26 or 28.


Toby Silverman

Andi Galpern moved to NY or I would be down! hope things are good.

Richard Burton

Have you found someone?

Dezideriu Raita-Beeckman

Well that's would be tremendous Loss of Time to pay for it while you can do it for free

George Kedenburg III

cc Trevor Jeff Ben

Trevor Phillippi

Yeah I could if it's helpful

Andi Galpern

Thanks for all of the responses! It looks like Trevor is going to be our speaker and give a demo on Thursday night! Hooray!

Jordan Robert Dobson

Awesome. Good luck Trevor. Do us proud. 🙂

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