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Andi Galpern
Posted Jul 21 - Read on Facebook

Anyone in San Francisco interested in giving a 15-20 minute demo on Framer next week at our prototyping series? It would be either on July 26 or 28.


Toby Silverman

Andi Galpern moved to NY or I would be down! hope things are good.

Richard Burton

Have you found someone?

Dezideriu Sorin Raita

Well that's would be tremendous Loss of Time to pay for it while you can do it for free

George Kedenburg III

cc Trevor Jeff Ben

Trevor Phillippi

Yeah I could if it's helpful

Andi Galpern

Thanks for all of the responses! It looks like Trevor is going to be our speaker and give a demo on Thursday night! Hooray!

Jordan Robert Dobson

Awesome. Good luck Trevor. Do us proud. 🙂

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