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Salvar Þór Sigurðarson
Posted Jul 20 - Read on Facebook

Hi Framers,

I'm looking to build a desktop prototype where some layers present and visualize live data using libraries like D3 and Crossfilter. I have two questions for you:

1. Is this stretching the limits of a prototyping tool too far? This seems to go beyond most examples and instructions I've found for Framer so far, and I might well be heading down a painful path if this becomes way too cumbersome to work with.

2. Do you know of any examples with a similar complexity?

Any tips, warnings, recommendations or other feedback very welcome.


Agisilaos Tsaraboulidis

I would suggest breaking up your prototype into several parts. After that start building it part by part. If you do it that way it will be much easier for and you will not be frustrated at the end of the day.

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