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Mark Mattione
Posted Jul 28 - Read on Facebook

I'm seeing an odd error in Framer Studio that doesn't show up in browser or on device...


Framer Studio displays the following error:
[.temp.html] Script error.

I see this error whenever I try to reference the states of a SliderComponent. Is anyone else seeing this? I'm running Framer Studio v66.


Paul Justin Farino

Mark Mattione I'm getting that too. I'm not sure if you can reference the state of the slider itself.
Here's an example of referencing the 'slider.knob' instead. - I put in a conditional to show the state change once the knob passed 50%. Hope this helps.

Koen Bok

This seems like a bug on our side. I'll investigate today!

Mark Mattione

Thanks Paul - although in my case I'm using states on the entire slider to animate the whole thing on- and off-screen.

I could wrap the slider in another layer and put states on that instead, but I'd rather not add more layers if I don't need to.

Koen - any luck on this one?

Koen Bok

Jonas is looking at sliders. Could you check this out?

Jonas Treub

This will be fixed with the next Framer drop. The fix is available in Framer beta if you need it now:

Mark Mattione

Thanks Jonas!

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