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Josh Ackerman
Posted Jul 22 - Read on Facebook

I started playing around with more VR/AR based stuff, and one thing I think would be cool is if windows would blend in with reality. That is, react to light sources, to determine stuff like shadows and gradient angles. Ideally, I would use real data from either a camera or some other sensor to calculate the position of the light source(s) in the screen, but being a prototype, this was just to see if I liked the idea in a simple scenario. Any feedback or criticism is appreciated. And of course, I will release the prototype if people are interested.

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Jorn van Dijk

Ha! Koen has been talking about this since forever. Nice execution.

Hans van de Bruggen

Forget AR—I've wanted his on the desktop forever. A sort of XEyes for the light sources in your environment. This looks nice!

Koen Bok

This is so cool!

Jonas Treub

Cool! This should be pretty easy to do with the VRComponent it's heading and elevation properties.

Henrique Gusso

whoa, this is so good. yes, please, prototypes!

Marc Krenn

Got this to work for real, kinda.

I'm using tracking.js to track a single light source at ~12fps and the phone's accelerometer to compensate for its pitch/yaw/roll. It works in theory but the poor tracking performance is what breaks the illusion ... for now.

Maybe I'll find some time on the weekend to improve it :)

Simon Zach


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