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Charlie Deets
Posted Sep 02 - Read on Facebook

Hey there. I wrote up a library of 26 snippets. They are short repeatables to speed up your workflow, but they are probably also helpful to those who are newer to Framer as reference. Hope you enjoy!


Mike Stężycki

Boom! Thanks for this, Charlie

Aaron Brako

Super useful, thanks!

William Lee Jian Cheng

Thanks man

Daniel Quinn

Very nice!!!

JT White

This is awesome - thanks

Charlie Deets

I've got some improvements coming as well. I'll comment on this thread when I update the repo.

Nick Hanigan

thank you.

Charlie Deets

Hey there. New version of the snippets is up:

New stuff like layer properties, device check, keydown actions, and more. Check it out.

C. Vincent Plummer

Charlie Deets - Really excited to test this out. Can I ask a really noobish question? How do I load this up in framer studio? I don't see the framer file, just the .coffee files?

Charlie Deets

Hey y'all. Just updated the library with 20 or so springs to emulate Android and iOS standard animations.

Material Design
- Action Sheet
- App Launch
- Keyboard Enter
- View Retreat
- View Slides In

- Action Sheet
- App Launch
- Keyboard Enter
- View Retreat
- View Slides In

- Dramatic
- Floaty
- Hello
- Loose
- Pop
- Pop Big
- Quick
- Retreat
- Slow

Lemme know if you have any other requests. There's also a few new snippets in there since the last time I posted. Cheers!

Krijn Rijshouwer

BOOM! Nice Charlie Deets!

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