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Brent Riddell
Posted Jul 18 - Read on Facebook

So I followed this guide to using mapbox with framer:

the first problem when testing it on mobile is the package is over 50mb so mobile safari freaks out ... altered the prototype a little to use the minified JS library instead of this approach and works again ... but the next problem is whenever you rotate or interact with the map mobile safari throws these script errors at you ... not sure what to do about it ... only happens on the phone


Brent Riddell

I would include the prototype but then i'd have to also include my access token :( or whomever whats to look at it would have to use their token ... just posted it here in case someone ran into the same issue when using mapbox?

Koen Bok

Hmm this is MapBox trying to access the dom in a different frame if I'm correct. Is it supposed to work on iOS at all? I'd maybe send them a tweet with this error.

Marco P Pino

I have a similar problem, but the other way around. Its working properly on mobile but more "advanced" interactions like clicking POI's on the map don't seem to work in the browsers.. though they work on mobile.
i can pm you my prototyp (it got my acces token includet so pm is better) maybe it helps you, inbox me if you want :)

Brent Riddell

So Marcos map doesn't have the same error :) I'll investigate further ... must be something i'm doing wrong

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