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Terry Tien
Posted Jul 17 - Read on Facebook

Hi guys.
Is it possible if I want to trigger a state switching after an animation end like this?

____________backgroundColor: "rgb(247,73,55)"
____________backgroundColor: "rgb(46,194,172)"
timerBackground.onTap ->
timerBackground.states.animationOptions =
____time: 2
timerBackground.onAnimationEnd ->
____this.onTap ->

If not, how can I reset the layer to where it started?

Thanks you in advance!


Paul Justin Farino

Hi Terry,
There are a few ways to achieve this. I hacked together an example here of tapping on a layer, animating that layer, listening to animationEnd, transitioning the state and then transitioning back to the original state:

There's some discussion around the different ways to animate within Framer (

Depending on the context I may use animation.reverse() instead to reset the layer (

You can even create an additional state and store the properties timerBackground.props = yourVariable

Terry Tien

Thank you so much Paul. Will have a try tomorrow!

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