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Koen Bok
Posted Jul 27 - Read on Facebook

Heads up. If you are using the latest Framer.js (by choosing File → Update Framer…) you'll notice that all the gesture events (like onTap, onSwipe, etc) now use screen coordinates instead of window coordinates. This might impact behavior of existing prototypes.

Simply said {x:0, y:0} is now the top left of your device rather then the top left of the window. This makes a lot more sense.

Gesture events:

This will land in the stable Framer soon. Thanks Jordan for the suggestion.


Jordan Robert Dobson

Yay. Thanks for this!

Marc Krenn

I'm getting this error in Chrome 52.0.2743.75 beta

Fran Pérez

I still don't fully grasp why event.offset sometimes return values and sometimes it doesn't…

Tes Mat

Koen, EdgeSwipe apparently stopped working in device frames (still works when full screen). Might that be related?

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