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Nic von Dort
Posted Jul 15 - Read on Facebook

HI guys, Im new to framer...and Ive 2 problems atm.

1. Is is possible to place a link? OnTap event on a button for example...

2. I want to build a sticky Navigation (mobile) - not the whole Header should be sticky - just the Tap Navigation...

Any help would be really awesome :)

PS: Why are the pictures that blurry on Desktop? Any way to fix this?


Nic von Dort

...nobody any ideas?

Niels van Hoorn

You were pretty close with the onTap event, I've shown two ways to do that here:

As for the blurriness, isn't this just the zooming that causes this? Could you try changing the zoom level to 100% in the top right?

Niels van Hoorn

I don't really understand your second question, could you elaborate a bit more?

Nic von Dort

Hi Niels van Hoorn, thank you for helping out.

the 1. question was if its possible to place a external link on a button... like

psd.btncontract.on Events.Click, (event, layer) ->
psd.btncontract.html = "<link href=>"

Nic von Dort

the 2nd is about 2 sticky elements depending of scroll direction.
If I scroll towards bottom the button at the bottom dissapears but the tab-navigation buttons remain sticky at the top. If I scroll towards top the button at the bottom reappears but the tab-navi disappears

Nic von Dort

hope I explained it good enough

Niels van Hoorn

I think something like this is what you mean:

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