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Giovanni Caruso
Posted Jul 12 - Read on Facebook

Hi! I'm trying to recreate the drag to resize interaction for a prototype I'm working on (just to be clear: the same interaction pattern to adjust HD partitions for Mac OS). I've taken inspiration from the prototype made by Marc Krenn (drag to resize a mask layer) but I can't recreate the proper behavior. Any example? :/


Trevor Phillippi

Pulled this out of something I was working on to use as an example for someone in the group a few weeks back. Click the block and drag the handles to resize. Idk if this is the right direction but it sounds like it might be:

Giovanni Caruso

Thank you Trevor. This will be useful twice – to explore Class in Framer and to get the math behind drag/resize. I'll dig into your code asap.

Giovanni Caruso

Done some tweak but I'm still struggling...

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