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Jason Tiernan
Posted Jul 13 - Read on Facebook

Has something changed in Framer to not support device orientation events? I'm using code from Josh Tucker now, ( I swear I didn't have reference errors (motion / orientation) the last time I ran the project in frameless.


Jordan Robert Dobson

I'm not sure if it's needed anymore. I think you can listen to change events as well as browser orientation events as well.

I think it was either Marc or Jonas that worked on this. I think?

Jonas Treub

You can do:
Framer.Device.on "change:orientation", -> print "device changed orientation"

Marc Krenn

+ includes a quick fix of Josh's module
+ rotates all layers according to new screen orientation (landscapeThreshold needs to be tweaked); dunno if that's a good idea

Joshua Tucker

Hey Jason, does the updated version (thanks to Marc for the pull requests) work for you now?

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