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Blaine Billingsley
Posted Jul 11 - Read on Facebook

Hello! A stakeholder I have is using Windows 10, latest Chrome version. It looks like Click events don't trigger for him. Is this a known issue?


Jordan Robert Dobson

Use Edge.

Jordan Robert Dobson

Also, yeah... they'll have better luck using their touch screen. Shoot... Weston where did we land on this last time we helped that dude out. I need to get a snippet saved of the latest fix/es.

Rich Zarick

There's a snippet you can use to enable this behavior, but yes it's annoying. Also, IIRC it only happens if that machine has touch capabilities.

Jordan Robert Dobson

Ah here we go... it was in email thanks to Weston!

for now... I'll add the snippet and push it up to github as well.

Koen Bok

I made a note.

Blaine Billingsley

Thanks so much for the info/fix! I don't know what I'd do without y'all!

Jordan Robert Dobson

This is the URL in the email by the way... snag the code from there.

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