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Monika Litzinger
Posted Jul 10 - Read on Facebook

hello together! i have a problem with a video layer…
its working but if we add the parent it doesn't work anymore. (the code below is working without the parent-part)
does somebody has any idea?
thanks in advance! :)


Mark Frederik Meyer

If anyone else is experiencing this problem, here's a short workaround: There seems to be a problem with autoplay. Even though the autoplay tag is set in the html-video tag it does not play back, if you trigger play based on some sort of event, for example swiping to the page, it works.

Koen Bok

Hmm this is odd and looks like a WebKit bug. Does it work in Chrome?

Mark Frederik Meyer

I tried it in chrome on windows and it didn't work there. I'd guess it's a webkit bug aswell. Maybe triggering the play command later (for example when the document is fully loaded) could be a solution...

Monika Litzinger

Thanks! now its working :)

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