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Rob Byrd
Posted Jul 08 - Read on Facebook

Hello, I'm working on a prototype that has a sticky navigation bar past a certain point on the y axis. I currently am listening for an event to occur on my scroll components onScroll property, and setting it's equal to the scrollY value. This works great, with one exception. If the user scrolls quickly, releases the mouse, the event no longer fires and the navigation sits in the same place while the inertia of the scroll moves the page up. This also occurs when I trigger a scrollTo() from a click event. Is there another event that I could be listening for which would fire when the screen moves regardless of whether triggered by scroll, clickEvent, screen inertia, etc.


Jordan Robert Dobson

Try Move instead of scroll

Rob Byrd

Jordan Robert Dobson thanks, that was an easy fix. Unfortunately the event isn't firing on when page scroll is triggered by click events.

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