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Ron Sparks
Posted Jul 07 - Read on Facebook

Wondering if anyone else has had this issue.

The short. I've been animating just fine using something like LayerA.states.switch() for Y position and now it's acting like it's switchInstant()

The y position is no longer animating when I call the states.switch() and instead the Layer is just appearing at the location it should animate to.

Wondering if anyone else has seen this happen with a larger/processor intense prototype?


Trevor Phillippi

Can you link an example?

Ron Sparks

I can't because of it's client work also it's huge with video content.

The code works in an older version. I'm going to look and see if I doing something like double calling the event to change the state or something....

Code looks something like this:

(with no format)
# event that changes state
all.on Events.Click, (event, layer) ->

# in a loop I build states for layers
y: 0
opacity: 0
y: 440*eventItemCount
opacity: 1

Ron Sparks

okay following up on my own bad issue...

Basically I had an event which called something like LayerA.states.switch("open") there was also a funciton inside the event and so I was calling the switch for LayerA twice...

The result was a state conflict that made animation instant :)
I used a diff tool too see what was happening

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