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Marty Laurita
Posted Jul 06 - Read on Facebook

Hey All,

I saw a quick video on the Framer site that I wanted to push further (It appears after about a minute on the landing page):

I was inspired to just try and recreate the video, and [of course] it snowballed a bit into something a little more fun. I learned so much on this one, mostly about nesting arrays within functions.

This one utilizes all native elements within Framer (as opposed to imported elements from Sketch) which makes it way more flexible. Try out the prototype here:

Would love to hear your guys' thoughts. Thanks!


Niels van Hoorn

Great! Thanks for sharing!

Krijn Rijshouwer

Nice work Marty Laurita !

Marty Laurita

Niels van Hoorn, Krijn Rijshouwer Thanks!

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