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John Lee
Posted Jul 07 - Read on Facebook

Hello Framer'roos –
I'm thinking of making a speed reading proto and wanted some quick recommendo's of how to pull in each word from a long array containing a story (think about 300 words).

The design constraints:
1. 70% of screen shows the speed-read area,
2. words flow at around 0.4 seconds before fading/scaling down, down the screen and get added to the sentence that its forming below
3. Once we hit a key word from the article like "Banana" we show an image of a Banana (not the word Banana).
4. The user taps the image of the Banana and it reveals the word "Banana".
5. Some makeshift interaction happens now where the user uses a mic icon or a input field to submit a word related to Banana.
6. The user types "Yellow" and this is correct (bananas are yellow – didn't you know..) and continues with the speed reading exercise. OR if the user submits something not related like "Trump is an muffin hole" then... the experience is over, weep, weep.

Hope someone can help me figure this out. You've been super do-per in the past and I'd get you all Christmas presents if Santa comes to my Thanks Giving party this year.



Krijn Rijshouwer

Hey John Lee,

Pulling the words from a story and putting them in an array is pretty easy. Take a look at this little example →

John Lee

OMG Krijn Rijshouwer that brought a tear to my eye. This alone has made the world a better place. Thank you!

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