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Junhyuk Jang
Posted Jul 05 - Read on Facebook

Google Material Motion with Framerjs. I really enjoyed myself making this animation, but please use right tools for the right purpose. It's very hard to make animation without timeline feature :)


Michele Daughtrey

what tool would you have preferred using for this piece?

Juan J. Ramirez

Lol... I can't even imagine the code for that!

Will Colley

I'd love to see the Framer file πŸ‘

Michele Daughtrey

so this is what i ask, what is the best proto tool? it seems like its a combo.

Mai Chloe Wu

This is really cute :)

Junhyuk Jang

Will Colley I'm afraid of my code's inefficiency. Please consider it as scribblings.



Henning Be

well done my friend!

Raul Abernathy


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