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Wouter Walmink
Posted Jul 04 - Read on Facebook

I'm dealing with a mysterious issue:
I have a scroll component with 5 layers inside. When I add a layer (even just an empty one) before the scroll component, the 3rd layer inside the scroll component disappears. If I place the layer after the scroll component, the 3rd layer is back again.

May this be a Framer bug, or am I just missing something glaringly obvious here?


Koen Bok

Could you try with the latest Framer.js (File -> Update Framer...) and see if it was fixed? We just worked on a bunch of scroll issues.

Wouter Walmink

Just updated, but it still happens. I'll try to break it down and see if I can isolate the problem.

Wouter Walmink

Here is the code I've boiled it down too. You should see layer 2 appear on top of layer 3. If you comment out the first (dummy) layer, you will see that the order between layer 2 and 3 is restored.

Wouter Walmink

The best thumbnail it could come up with was my face...?

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