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Fritz Frizzante
Posted Jul 05 - Read on Facebook

Another quick Framer Exploration, this time a Color App concept for children.
This concept aims to change the way children learn and think about colors.
Instead of using color names, the app provides an interactive “equation” showing which primary colors, and what proportions of these you need in order to create a secondary color (the one that shows above).
Above all, it also teaches color theory. Even though my algorithm is not refined, nor is the conversion to RGB, the concept is based on mixing real physical colors, therefore CMY(K). The equations help children understand some of the basic concepts behind color theory and how to mix and create new colors.
This is no code-wizardry. Happy to hear thoughts and tips.
Try it here (best in safari or framer)


Jorn van Dijk

Super cool Fritz!

David Lee

Cool 😀

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