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Marc Krenn
Posted Apr 04 - Read on Facebook

The 'colorThief' module allows you to easily extract the dominant color(s) of images.

Example (incl. module):


Andrew Nalband

Marc Krenn do you have another link to this? It seems that is blocking the link you shared.

Dezideriu Raita-Beeckman

Uuhhhuh that's so nice

Dezideriu Raita-Beeckman

I have in my iMac the Framer

Marc Krenn

Here's a basic example:

Marc Krenn

Plus, contrary to vanilla colorThief, this works with both 'local' and externally hosted image files (y)

Kishore Doddi

Just what I needed for one of my projects. And exactly why I love framer

Sigurd Tapio Mannsåker


Jorn van Dijk

This is super cool!

Gerhard Kühne


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