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Eelco Lempsink
Posted Dec 09 - Read on Facebook

Framer v66 brings MIDI support! 🎚🎛 Plug in a MIDI controller and play with your prototypes by hooking up MIDI controls.

More information and examples on our blog:

MIDIComponent documentation:

I can’t wait to see what you’ll make with this!


Jorn van Dijk

This is so cool when you hook it up to a real design and start manipulating the properties. Nice work Eelco!

Giovanni Caruso

Any plan for some future improvements? (Virtual Port, Midi OUT..I know I've already asked for that :D )

Kasper Andersen

This looks like fun! Do anyone have any MIDI controller recommendations? Would be fun to play around with one.

Tes Mat

Eelco, could you elaborate a little bit more on the “Grab Touch OSC on the App Store and configure it to work over Bluetooth via ‘Audio MIDI Setup’ on macOS” …part? I can’t find any reference to how to set up a Bluetooth connection in their docs ( or on their forum (

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