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Eelco Lempsink
Posted Dec 09 - Read on Facebook

Framer v66 brings MIDI support! 🎚🎛 Plug in a MIDI controller and play with your prototypes by hooking up MIDI controls.

More information and examples on our blog:

MIDIComponent documentation:

I can’t wait to see what you’ll make with this!


Jorn van Dijk

This is so cool when you hook it up to a real design and start manipulating the properties. Nice work Eelco!

Giovanni Caruso

Any plan for some future improvements? (Virtual Port, Midi OUT..I know I've already asked for that :D )

Kasper Andersen

This looks like fun! Do anyone have any MIDI controller recommendations? Would be fun to play around with one.

Rory Smyth

This is so cool. You could tweak animations, colors, timings, sizing and spacing on the fly. Can't wait to try it out

Tes Mat

Eelco, could you elaborate a little bit more on the “Grab Touch OSC on the App Store and configure it to work over Bluetooth via ‘Audio MIDI Setup’ on macOS” …part? I can’t find any reference to how to set up a Bluetooth connection in their docs ( or on their forum (

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