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Jon Arnold
Posted Sep 12 - Read on Facebook

Here is module that allows resizing prototypes very easily.
I use it to view my prototypes that were originally built for an android device on an iPhone. The preview performance on my iPhone is much better compared to an android device.


Jonas Treub

Super useful! Thnx

Chris Chen

This is great ~~

Özgür Fırat Özpolat


Janusz Smolski

Hey Jon Arnold, quick question for you. Does your FramerScaleToDevice module suppose to scale a prototype correctly on a real devices or it created for the Frames simulator only? Thanks!

Jon Arnold

It scales on both. On prototypes and framer simulators. I built it in the first place to run android prototypes on my iphone 6.

Janusz Smolski

Thanks Jon Arnold Any chance you could take a look at my test prototype and point me what I'm doing wrong? I'm using @3 size of the design (they have some child layers — buttons — which I want to scale accordingly to a device screen size); it scales perfectly in simulator, but fails on a real device (iphones 5/6/6s, safari and chrome). Here's link:
Thank you!

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