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Rafe Chisolm
Posted Jun 30 - Read on Facebook

Hey All, so I'm just getting started out with using Firebase with Framer thanks to Marc Krenn's awesome module.

Showing data in the "print" dialog was pretty clear, but I'm just not understanding how to show that data within my prototype. Anyone able to show/explain how this works?


Krijn Rijshouwer

Hey Rafe Chisolm,

You can simply set the response value to the text layer → . Better would be to return an array with data (artists) and use a for loop to loop through them.

Marc Krenn

Thanks Krijn! :)

Does this solve your problem, Rafe?

Rafe Chisolm

Hey Krijn Rijshouwer thanks, that worked perfect! You read my mind, I'm building out the full array JSON file now - but I was banging my head on that one part. Thanks again Marc Krenn - you made this infinitely more scalable than manually linking to firebase, was just getting snagged on that one teeny tiny part!

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