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Ban Nguyen
Posted Jul 26 - Read on Facebook

Hi everyone,

I am trying to do this prototype where you can drag/sort the codes from left to right one by one or click the copy icon to copy them all.
Do you have any idea? Could you help?


Krijn Rijshouwer

Hey Ban Nguyen,

I made you an example: . Simply drag the tiles to the right to put them in the other list :)

Klarka Hanykova

Hey Krijn Rijshouwer I am trying to do something similar but to also allow sorting in the right column. So that the dragging is not so fixed to one location. Any ideas?

Ban Nguyen

Also when drag the item over to the right I like to keep it on the left, just like copy it only, any idea? Also allow sorting on both sides

Thank you so much! Krijn Rijshouwer

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