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Francois Jordaan
Posted Jun 30 - Read on Facebook

What do people use to quickly export something created in Framer JS as a video clip? E.g. if I want a short screencast demonstrating an interaction that I can embed in a blog post, or even just a quick animated GIF I can paste into Slack.


Leon Kosters


John Grendon Enderby

QuickTime for the free option. Camtasia or Screenflow give you some more editing abilities. Gif Brewery is supposed to be good but I've not used it much myself. I use Camtasia for work related video demos.

Francois Jordaan

I had 2 problems with using QuickTime: 1) it's not possible to set QT's record area (marquee) whilst Framer is full-screen. 2) I couldn't start QT recording using a keyboard shortcut, meaning I recorded some initial stuff that needed to be edited out. I do not have video editing software.

John Grendon Enderby

Can do some basic movie editing in iMovie if you need to

Matt Rintoul

Screenflow works great, it records the whole screen but it's easy to crop and make edits.

Chris Allen

I usually use Quicktime to screen capture and then Handbrake to compress. Giphy Capture is great for creating and editing gifs for easy pasting into Slack.

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